STEP 1: Show Interest

iFIBER deploys in selected areas in partnership with the community, show your interest to bring fiber to your area. Become iFIBER Champion and we will help you to grow the community.


Upon achieving interest registration target, your area will be qualified for the network deployment process. Please show your interest to bring fiber to your area by filling questionnaire from this link

STEP 3: Fiber Ready

Once the deployment phase is completed, we will perform a fiber quality testing and now your home could be connected to iFIBER network


Now you can order multiple product and services from multiple Internet Service Providers from our broadband marketplace with options of NO CONTRACT and up to 1Gbps internet speed.


iFIBER is your fiber infrastructure provider. There is a one time fee of RM399 for the installation of fiber and Service Demarcation Device (SDD) into your home. Thereafter you will deal with the service provider of your choice. Many of the service providers have month to month offerings so there is no need to get tied up in a contract. Please contact us for further information


Once your area is fiber-ready, iFIBER will schedule the fiber installation into your home. If you wish to take up fiber services, you will need to place an order, which you can do on our website.

Your installation will be scheduled at a time convenient for you and one of our expert teams will come through to your home to provision the fiber from the wallbox on your boundary wall, into your home. A standard installation takes between 2 to 4 hours. The cost of a iFIBER installation is RM399 and this covers the call out cost, labour and material cost to provision the fiber straight into your home.

Does your area have iFIBER?

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